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Alexandra C. Gordon, They Go On, 10 x 10” (2016)


An intricate network of geometric shapes overlap to create a discordant cohesion by creating a sense of space without a clear vanishing point. While the forms reference the familiar shape of cacti, it is the spiny triangular patterning and the marks left from the woodcarving throughout the piece that alludes to the boundless domination the cactus holds on its landscape. It’s easy to get lost in a forest. It's vastness is highlighted by one’s inability to see beyond its perimeter. However, the sense of infinitum created by countless cacti reaching out toward the horizon can have an equally disorienting effect.

Alexandra C. Gordon is a printmaker and fine metals artist who brings a gestural touch to otherwise rigid mediums. Her work in abstraction serves as a translation of her direct observations through the construction of forms and repetitive mark making. Alexandra’s career in education has emphasized a decisive attention to process in the development of her art and her students’ learning. Alexandra is originally from Washington, D.C and graduated from the University of Vermont in 2012.

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