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Kat Clear, Appealing Nuisance, 10 x 10” (2016)

Relief, Pegboard and laser-etched woodblock

I am Kat.

I am curious and impulsive

and oddly memorable.

I am hot pink and energetic,

agitating yet sexy.

I engage with charm

and mysticism,

but it’s

awkward. Yet, reassuring.

I am sensitive and anxious,

but also

a fan. Totally obsessed.

But hopefully just honest

with keen insight.

KAT CLEAR was born in 1979, in Freehold, NJ, home of The Boss.* She received her BA from University of Vermont in 2001 and her MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2015. Kat Clear Works in Metal, started in 2004 as a fabrication business and studio, has left its mark on the Burlington community in the form of public art and custom signage. However, Kat recently left this business to pursue homesteading and begin to build her confidence in making again.

         *American singer-songwriter Bruce Springsteen is nicknamed The Boss.

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