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Jasmine Parsia, Curtis, 14 x 19” (2016)


Jasmine Parsia studies both what is seen and unseen. This began as a formal exploration of silkscreen, accumulating layers in an attempt to highlight or hide areas. It has since taken shape as a way to translate or comprehend daily conversations; things said or unsaid. Much of her work resembles the game Telephone; an exploration of the ways in which communication can easily become broken, indirect, repetitive, or misshapen, through transference. The conversations that she pulls from are light in nature; driven by the curiosity of communication and the peculiar words we use to phrase our thoughts. She is most interested in distilling these translations into familiar geometrical marks; though there is always a waver of the line or a fold of the corner — there is an alteration with every transference, as translation is never completely accurate.

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