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Corrine Yonce, Eight Chambered Heart, 11 x 14” (2016)

Woodcut with Pencil

Painter, community organizer, radio-maker and cross country cyclist, Corrine Yonce specializes in narrative paintings to inspire conversations on creating more equal communities. She stepped into visual storytelling as part of her two years of AmeriCorps service in which she created the project Voices of Home, a powerful experience where she built relationships with low-income resident leaders through portraiture and oral storytelling. Corrine has received support from the Burlington City Arts Community Arts Fund (twice), Vermont Arts Council, the Vermont Community Fund, and Fair Housing Vermont. Her painting style has been heavily influenced by her recent participation in the New York Studio School summer marathon session.
Currently, Corrine is an artist in residence at New City Galerie and finishing her enrollment at Mercy Connection’s Women's’ Small Business Program. Follow her on social media for sneak peaks at her latest projects, and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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