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Lily Carter, Firmament, 11 x 14” (2016)

Monoprint and Pencil

Lily Carter is an experiential learner who expresses her keen observations through the images and food she shares with her community. Encapsulating her involvement in both the visual and culinary arts is her moniker Eat What They Feed You, which began as a mischievous and ironic play on propagandistic language that serves as a contribution to the ever evolving street art movement permeating our world. However, once these stickers got taken on the road, they began to take on new meaning. Tamales filled with questionable street meat; dream world pizza; desperation tacos eaten on the curb in that tiny Costa Rican town, waiting for the bus that may never come; mind-bending raspberry sorbet from the tiny window in Paris; the macabre of the endless stacks of salted cod that permeated Lisbon, and the bubbling and expired juice concoction that made their funk tolerable: These are the foods and memories that dissolved the ironic tone that birthed Eat What They Feed You and transformed it into an earnest departure for trust and inclusion.  

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