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Christopher Rubin, Fig. 2 from Eq. V, 12 x 12” (2016) Collagraph

While there is a trajectory implied by this fractal model, it is hard to determine the direction of the flow as the forms either emanate from or pierce into a centrally located focus. The lack of title adds adds an extra layer ambiguity, as this clue provides insight into the level of incertitude present at the depths of the space modeled by the geometric structure. Further exaggerating the expanse of this void is the tonal gradient that compounds as the scale shifts.

Christopher Rubin draws inspiration from the spaces that fall just beyond any given boundary. He engages these voids through minimalistic organizations that represent a subject by the impressions they leave. These imprints and structured absences predominate Rubin’s musical and visual compositions. Rubin lives and works in Katonah, NY.

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