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More than one hundred prints were pulled over the first weekend of October when a community of artists converged on a piece of heavy industrial machinery rolling in Burlington's South End. A vigilant team of volunteers choreographed a dance centered around the carved woodblocks many had been preparing for weeks in advance. Dozens of artists donated prints from the workshop to a benefit show at the Karma Birdhouse Gallery. The sale of their work raised over $1000 for arts programming at the King Street Center! Thanks so much to the artists and volunteers for the hard work, and to the BCA Community Fund for making this all possible.

Sadie Williams, of Seven Days, made a beautiful print while writing the following report:

South End Artist Hosts Steamroller Printmaking Event - 10/03/16

James Gero, of CCTV was also able to catch some footage for his segment, The Artful Word:

Steam Roller Print Project - 10/01/2016

Steam Roller Print Project Benefits King Street Youth Center - 10/01/2016

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